Try 11 Original Ways to Customize & Optimize Your Favorite Mac!

Are you sick and tired of the same design you see every day when looking at your Apple computer? That is true so far: despite the main goal of the developers was to create an elegant design, even the most dedicated Mac owners start thinking about the ways to stand out from the rest of the Apple users.

ways to customize mac

After conducting research and consulting some of the field gurus, we have created a list of the 11 original ways to customize or optimize Mac. Start making the difference today!

Come up with a Custom Icon for a File or Folder

mac custom icons

We will begin with something you can do on one of the latest Apple releases – macOS Sierra. The same thing works on macOS High Sierra too.

Would not it be nice to see your favorite images instead of the default icons on Mac? It is possible to set up a photo from your digital camera or downloaded online – whatever. In order to apply personal image or the one from the internet, take the offered steps:

  • Clone the image you would like to see as an icon to the Clipboard. One of the ways to make a picture’s copy is to launch the photo in Preview. There, select Edit and Select All. Pick Edit --> Copy.
  • Choose the file/folder you wish to reward with a new icon. Select File --> Get Info after that.
  • Click the icon’s image and select Edit --> Paste.

You may apply an image from another file/folder by:

  • Choosing the item to reward with a new icon and picking File --> Get Info.
  • Clicking the target icon and selecting Edit and Copy.
  • Picking another item, and going to File --> Get Info.
  • Clicking the icon to select Edit --> Paste.

Setting up a Custom Color Theme

Most probably, you will agree that modifying the icons is just a small share of what you can actually change about your Apple computer. It is possible to decide on a completely new design from A to Z. it is possible to remove the default theme and pick your own. In the System Preferences –> General –> Appearance, one can find Graphite – a built-in color scheme. To add some nuances, enable app-specific themes. For instance, you apply Alfred to monitor the system. Activate Powerpack to apply a custom theme to modify the way Alfred appears. If you are fond of black, put a tick in the checkbox titled Use dark menu bar and Dock. It’s in the General tab of System Preferences as well. You may also pick the color to highlight the text. Inverting colors is possible in the System Preferences –> Accessibility –> Display. There you can notice the Invert colors feature.
mac custom colors

Activate Screen Savers

mac screen savers

Move to the Desktop & Screen Saver preferences pane. You will find Screen Saver. It has all possible features for screensavers.

Hot Corners is right what you need. It is possible to make the savers dynamic! Apply all four corners of the monitor to activate specific actions. Example: launch a screen saver, launch Notification Centre, etc. By placing your mouse on the targeted corner, you may enable a feature.

Variety of Wallpapers to Observe

Anyone but you should not dictate your tablecloth. Move to the Desktop & Screen Saver in System Preferences. Push the Command and Space button to call Spotlight. Type Desktop and reach System Preferences with it.

Choose a specific wallpaper picture. You may let it modify automatically. Decide how often the wallpaper should be replaced with another one. Select Change Picture and apply the drop-down menu to decide on the interval of time.

To make it even more original, let the preferred pictures show up randomly. Even you will not be able to predict which one will pop up the other time. Check Random Order. It is better to save the wallpaper pictures in iPhoto.

mac wallpaper picture

Revamp Login Screen

change mac login screen

Did you know that it is possible to change the login screen any way you want it? It is even possible to modify the message itself.

Discover a .png file that corresponds to the resolution of your computer screen. Crop the chosen photo or get a correct one form the internet. Give this pic a name Hint: You can learn the display resolution in Displays from Apple –> About This Mac.

Extra Spacers in a Dock

Now, this option is for the advanced Mac owners only as it involves using Terminal. Thanks to the extra space between various icons stored in the Dock, it is possible to make some sense of things when there are too many items.

These spacers will appear as the tiles hidden from the user’s eye. To activate an invisible tile, launch the Terminal application. Type the offered command:

defaults write persistent-apps -array-add ‘{“tile-type”=”spacer-tile”;}’; killall Dock

mac extra spacers

You will see the result immediately!

Activate Optimized Storage Feature

You may use Optimized Storage on Mac to always have some free space. This feature will take care of the junk items like duplicates, temporary files, caches, login items, etc. It is available only in macOS Sierra and High Sierra. We can call it another way to customize and optimize Mac as it helps to stay on the wave. After all, it’s just another user preference.

mac optimized storage
  • Pick the Apple logo. Click the About This mac feature.
  • Once the window launches, pick the Storage pane. It will show the details of the storage allocation along with the space you've got left. Pick the Details… option.
  • The Optimized Storage feature includes four components: Store in iCloud, Optimize Storage, Erase Trash, and Reduce Clutter. It is possible to make the system clean itself, for example, every month to avoid problems with speed and overall performance.

There are times when you may need something more like App Uninstaller or File Shredder. Plus, Mac OS X users do not have Optimized Storage. The best solution for these cases is to get one of the third-party cleaning applications and enjoy fast & furious Apple computer at any time!

Bonus Battery Percentage and Life Time

Are you using a portable Apple computer? These machines have the menu bar’s battery indicator just as another icon. If you modify that, you will train more details and opportunities. Plug in. Click the icon and choose Show Percentage. After that, unplug the charging adapter and examine. Another way around is to get something like Battery Time Remaining form GitHub.
mac battery percentage

Play with Spotlight Search

Spotlight serves as a personal search engine on Mac. However, some of the files to pop up may be quite annoying. Here is how you can prevent them from being listed in Spotlight:

mac spotlight
  • Launch System Preferences --> Spotlight.
  • Pick Privacy.
  • Push the plus button to come up with a folder or full disc not to be shown.
  • In the Search Results, a user can also decide on the categories he/she would like to view or arrange in the preferred order.

Modify Shortcuts

How about accessing whatever you need even faster? In Mac OS X you may change the hotkeys based on personal preferences. Perhaps, after using Windows, you would like to modify some of the offered Apple shortcuts to make it more comfortable for you to reach things on your Mac quicker.

  • Select Apple --> System Preferences --> Keyboard.
  • Check whether you are in the Keyboard Shortcuts menu. Pick the plus button on the right side.
  • Select the app where the keyboard shortcut will be applied.
  • Type the name of the menu command the way it shows up in the app.
  • Pick a hotkey by entering it into the Shortcut text box. Select Add.
  • Here a user may modify the shortcuts. Double-click the current hotkeys and type new combination.
shortcuts on mac

Move from the Minimalist Design to Something Outstanding

Now, this is something you may do without penetrating the system and even turning on your Apple computer. To stand out from the pool of other Mac owners, it is often enough to change the appearance of the device. Not all users think that the sleek lines and simple design are pinnacles of elegance and beauty. Some Mac owners wish to stay creative no matter what happens. They would definitely love this last customization tip.

If you are sick and tired of all models that are same-shaped, silver or white, you can change the boring Apple world with the help of unexpected solution. Be ready to invest some money in a spiffy sleeve or bag to stay original. It is possible to underline user’s preferences and personality with the help of nice accessories. Here are the top-3 solutions:

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union jack for mac
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scrolls design for mac
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Are you already inspired? Do not miss your chance to come up with the most original, convenient Mac in the world – keep in touch with the latest fashion trends!

mac invaders decal

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