11 Easter Eggs from the Apple Company You Did Not Know About

Are you sure you know everything about your Apple computer? Oh, do not be so mean: even the most experienced users still have something to observe. It is never too late to discover hidden options and extra opportunities. Here are 11 shocking and fun things you probably did not know about your Mac.

Macintosh Classic

Perhaps, you are the one who lacks a system startup disk. It means that you cannot use the computer. The lucky owners of Macintosh Classic might have no idea this model has a functional copy of System 6.0.3 hidden away in the system ROM.

In order to access this copy, switch on the computer. Push the Command+Option+X+O buttons at the same time. It will take you to the classic Mac desktop. There, it is possible to clone the operating system on the disk, activate AppleShare, or just apply it as a bare-bones operating system Installation.

Steve Jobs Speech

Would you like to learn the darkest secrets of the Apple co-founder? You may wonder, but one of them in the shape of his speech are hiding on your Mac. This sort of the Easter Egg looks this way:

Steve Jobes speech

If you are not sure if you can read it from the offered image or simply wish to have fun, follow the instruction:

  • Launch Finder. From one of its windows, press Command along with Shift and G to achieve the Go to Folder option.
  • Enter this directory: /Applications/Pages.app/Contents/Resources/
  • Search for the file titled Apple.txt. Launch it to discover the Steve Jobs speeches. It is also possible to view the content using Quick Look.

One more way is to launch Terminal from the Applications folder and enter the following code: cat /Applications/Pages.app/Contents/Resources/Apple.txt

Apple IIgs

Good old Apple Inc. has included many hidden audio-related features in its computers. This one arrived with the ROM Version 3 model of the Apple IIgs.

Start with powering up the IIgs.

Once you notice the logo shaking back and forth, push the following combination of keys: Ctrl+Open Apple+Option+N. After that, listen to a recording of the IIgs design term screaming out loud, “Apple II!”

User’s Therapist

mac user's psychotherapist

There is no need to attend doctor when you need some kind of therapy any longer – just purchase one of those Apple computers! It can serve as the personal therapist task to the built-in utility called Terminal. Fire it up and enter “emacs.” Push the Enter/Return key when asked. After that hit Esc and X simultaneously, and enter “doctor.” The device will ask you to describe the existing problems and dramas. Push the Return button two times to obtain valuable recommendations.

History Teacher

Many students have problems with recognizing famous historical dates and events. Your Mac can become your number one tutor that never punishes, puts bad grades, or assigns homework. Vice versa, it helps by answering your questions.

In case you wish to learn or simply recall what happened on the specific dates, launch Terminal. Copy-paste the following line: “cat /usr/share/calendar/calendar.history” (eliminate the quotes) to unearth this exciting option.

Mini-Games for Fun

Who said that only Windows computers are made for games? Mac owners can benefit from the free, exciting games as well. Several mini-games are hiding from your eye inside the system. Apple inserts them by default, and it’s a challenge to find them. Perhaps, the company hopes that most of its users are aware of the rudimentary programming. Do the following:

  • 1) Launch Utilities to open Terminal.
  • 2) Enter “emacs” (eliminate the quotes) and push the Enter/Return key. Push the Esc and X keys altogether. Enter “Tetris” when it asks.
  • 3) Would you like to enjoy other games as well? Go through these steps again. This time, replace the word “Tetris” by something like “pong” or “snake.”
games on mac

Those are the most primitive games, but still, it is a pleasure to discover them on your Mac!

Record Icon

It is possible to select a record icon to serve as your avatar in the recent versions of Mac OS X. a user can do that in System Preferences under the Users & Groups option. For more fun, you can explore the song titles on the vinyl. Those are “revolution,” “boom,” “magic,” and “unbelievable.” Did you know that those are the most common words used by Steve Jobs? That’s real magic!

Lord of the Rings

Perhaps, it is not a way to watch your favorite trilogy, but this Easter egg is still curious. Let’s say; you are stuck in the middle of the Tolkien-based quiz. To win the main prize, you should know the timeline perfectly by heart. You may cheat a bit with the help of Mac’s Terminal. Just enter the given line of code: “cat /usr/share/calendar/calendar.lotr” (eliminate the quotes). Press Enter to see a full list of key events from the famous book.

Star Wars

Who said that another popular masterpiece should stay without attention? Being a fan of Lucas films, Jobs added one feature associated with the famous space saga.

  • 1. Launch Terminal.
  • 2. Enter “telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl” (delete quotation marks).
  • 3. Push the Enter key.

Take those steps to find out what happens if you are a true George Lucas fan!

The Suck Effect

apple suck effect

There is nothing low-minded about it – just one more visual effect you might have missed. As you may know, a Mac owner can decide between the “scale” or “genie” effect while minimizing a window. To activate the “suck” effect, enter “defaults write com.apple. dock mineffect -string suck” in Terminal and reboot your Mac.

Apple Jokes

If you would like to hear a portion of the brand jokes from Apple co-founders, start with launching System Preferences.

  • Then, move to the Speech pane.
  • Switch on Speakable Items along with Speak Back Text.
  • Try to say something to your Mac. “Tell me a joke” will activate the service.