How to Delete Cookies on Mac in Popular Browsers

Cookies are small files created by a browser to save site-related data on your computer. These files are used to keep all stateful information about you (e.g., items in shopping cart), record your browsing activity (e.g., logging in, pages visited) so that the browser can quickly find and extract it on website’s demand.

Cookies help improve the browsing experience regardless of the Apple computer you are using: MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or even iMac. On the contrary, corrupted cookie files can lead to all kinds of inconveniences from images not showing correctly to content not updating. Fortunately, you can remove current cookies and let your browser rebuild them from scratch to fix the issues.

Where do I find my browser cookies? This guide will explain how to clear cache and cookies on Mac.

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How to Remove Cookies Safari Browser

If some of the sites stop working correctly when you access them through Safari browser, then it is definitely the time for you to delete cookies. However, you don’t always have to wait for something to crash in order to remove cookie files on Mac. In general, periodically cleansing temporary browser data helps protect your privacy and secure your data from third-party snooping.

How do I disable all cookies and how to clear existing cookie files in Safari? Clearing individual website cookies in Safari can be done by accessing Safari > Preferences. You will then need to select Privacy tab and click on Manage Website Data. Use the Search field to find individual sites or locate websites manually by scrolling the list.

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Click on the website and hit Remove to purge its cookies and cache. There is a Remove All option if you want to completely wipe all data. Click Done and check the Block all cookies box to turn off cookies for good. Keep in mind that clearing and/or disabling cookies will log you out and remove autocomplete information, so make sure to remember your username and password.

How to Delete Cookies Firefox on Mac

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Similarly, you can get privacy benefits in Mozilla Firefox browser by deleting cookies. In order to get rid of cookie files, you will have to go to Firefox > Preferences. Next, choose Privacy & Security from the tab on the left. Under Cookies and Site Data click on Clear data to erase all cache and cookies.

Those of you asking ‘How do I reset my individual website data?’ will have to select Manage Data option instead. Scroll or search for website data you want to erase. Choose an item and hit Remove Selected. If you are not only looking to find out how to remove but also block future cookies, return to Cookies and Site Data section and mark the Block cookies and site data option.

How to Clear Cookies on Mac Chrome

As you might expect, your Google Chrome browser utilizes the same reliable cookie mechanism to store data about you.

How do I delete my information from Chrome then? To remove cookies and control personal information in Google Chrome you will need to launch Chrome and then hold Shift-Command-Return. This brings up Clear browsing data window which allows you to erase the selected data. By far, it is the quickest and easiest way to delete site data, but you can also go to Chrome > Preferences > Advanced > Clear browsing data to reach the same menu manually. Make sure the Cookies and other site data box is checked and hit Clear Data. Don’t forget to specify Time range as it is set to 1 hour by default.

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Additional Tips on How to Get Rid of Cookies on Mac

After you clean out your Safari cookies, you may need to erase additional autofill data, capable of overriding cookie files. Typically, autofill data contains information about your user names and passwords, credit card info, other forms’ data, etc. This information remains intact even after you reset cookies on your MacBook Pro.

‘How do I clean up that data on my computer?’ you may ask. To empty forms and credit cards information, you will need to open Safari > Preferences and select AutoFill tab. Click on Edit next to respective options to change the contents. In addition, you can disable the settings you do not want to be using.

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In order to manage user names and passwords, click on Edit next to the option with the same name or switch to Passwords tab. You will be required to enter your Mac user password. You can either remove unwanted passwords or turn off the autofill option altogether by unchecking the AutoFill box.

Periodically purging cookies can be a healthy exercise to keep your browser working on the level. In cases when erasing cookie files does not solve the issues you’re dealing with, clear browser cache and history. There is a handful of problems an overall reset can’t fix.