Choosing a First Apple Computer in Your Life: 4 Integral Elements to Consider

Even though Apple has a limited choice of its computers compared to personal computers, it might be a challenge to pick the first Mac in your life. It is twice as expensive as most of the PCs, so every customer hopes it will serve a while. Everything, from its customization to specific model characteristics, predetermine the buyer’s choice. You should know the way different models are supported.

New, Refurbished, or Used? That’s the Deal!

The primary thing to evaluate is the type of deal. Are you planning to purchase a brand new computer, a refurbished one, or, perhaps, you would be fine with the used Mac of your friend or a complete stranger.

buying an Apple device

When it comes to buying an Apple device, it does not make any sense to beat around the bush: yes, it will cost you a thing. Samsung mobile phones are catching up with iPhones when it comes to pricing, but a price gap is still meaningful in the computer/laptop market. That is why people think twice before buying Mac. Many of them believe it makes no sense to buy one as the hardware is overpriced. However, when it comes to security, the speed of work, and overall efficiency, Macs overbeat most of the known brands.

The best thing is that your new Mac does not necessarily have to be expensive! Even though some options to make your deal more bearable for personal bank account exist, most experts recommend buying an absolutely new Mac from the official Apple Store. The conditions are rather attractive. Besides, you will get an official guarantee from the company itself so that it might save you plenty of money on repair services and after-sales support. Purchasing a device “from scratch” also means it is possible to customize one anyway you want it.

No matter what you do, keep in mind that refurbished models are always a better option than a used Mac. What does it mean? You can have a look at some at the Apple Store or big online stores like Amazon. It will look like a brand new device. Initially, those are used Macs that have been refurbished up to Apple’s current standards. Usually, they have a single-year guarantee, so it is a good deal. Try to snag a great bargain by exploring the available options today!

It’s funny how people are forced to spend more because of their greed. If you decide to buy a cheap Mac from the websites like eBay, be ready that the reality may not match the seller’s promises. You risk getting a Mac, which needs a solid repair. Some people invest in outdated Macs more than in new ones! Those who feel okay with a bog-standard Apple computer may head directly to the local gadget market down the street – they may have an offer right for you!

Model Dilemma: Things to Avoid and Models to Choose

First of all, it makes no sense to spend money on obsolete models like Mac mini of 2011. Those who love vintage or retro may find this option attractive, but the company will soon stop supporting the device. It is better to obtain one of the trendy models that promise long-lasting maintenance. Hint: Also, it is better to get an Apple computer, which is compatible with the latest operating systems like macOS Sierra and High Sierra as they offer many new useful options such as Optimized Storage to keep the system clean and speedy.

Luckily, you have far less choice with Macs. The range of Macs currently on offer equals to four. You may count it as five with the latest Reina MacBook Pro. A top-of-the-range choice is MacBook Pro. It is stylish, speedy, multi-functioning, etc. However, it is priced at the eye-watering $3,800 on average. The worst thing is that the lucky newbie will have to purchase external disk drives and mouse separately. Thus, you’d better round it up! There is no need to buy all the fancy extras from the very beginning – start with the basics.

To make it a bit easier, we have developed a list of the most recent selection of Apple computers.

apple mac mini

Mac Mini

The model is perfect as an entry-level one, but keep in mind what we’ve just said about the version of 2011. Unlike a new iMac, Mac minis usually arrive without such extras as a keyboard and an external display. On the whole, they are a bit cheaper than iMacs with almost the same functionality. It could be the best choice for a student.


It is a known flagship product of the company. It is hard to imagine a sexier piece of kit for your table, no matter whether you plan to use one in the office or at home. As you have probably noticed, Apple’s notebooks/laptops usually cannot boast a huge screen. Many modern users prefer large screens. iMac is their choice – the standard model offers a 21.5-inch screen! You may customize this babe whichever way you like.

iMac Apple computer
Apple MacBook Air

MacBook Air

Are you a guru of traveling? Going on a trip is associated with MacBook Air in the minds of many Apple admirers. These models are extra light enough to be placed in a small bag. Carrying around some house bricks in the satchel is not a good idea for a journeyman. Do not expect something extraordinary from this device. It was designed for the light usage. If you plan to use an Apple computer for stuff like gaming or graphic design, it is better to think about iMac or the next model in a row – MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro

That is the top-recommended option on the market today. You will love the customization opportunities as well as some other specs. Retina version mentioned earlier in this text will cost you extra $500. That is the top laptop display available today.

apple macbook pro

In fact, a couple of other models are available on the market today: iMac Pro and Mac Pro. Apple claims iMac Pro is the most powerful workstation ever created. Well, quite possible that’s pure truth. Yet, its price is one of the highest ever, too – almost $5,000. So we do not think it is the best option for, let’s say, a young student. Mac Pro might be a bit less expensive, but you should be an experienced user to deal with it on a worthy level and get the best of its performance. Experts recommend considering only the 4 models mentioned above as a first Apple computer.

Mac Customization Full of Excitement!

The idea of customizing a new device is always fun! Buying a device from the official Apple Store increases the chances of customizing it the way you want.


Apple computers possess UNIX system, so the processor is generally slower than on personal computers. Thus, they require less power. However, the latest models of laptops from Apple are kitted out with Intel’s Ivy Bridge quad-core processors and the Turbo Boost option – it will help to speed up the processor if you wish.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

The size of RAM predetermines the amount of information to be written to the device and number of processes to be launched at the same time. You should have minimum 8 gigabytes of RAM on your Mac. It is okay to purchase one with less volume as it is very simple to upgrade RAM on Apple computers. Multi-tasking then will not be a problem.


There are three things you should know about storage on Mac:

  • Serial ATA: the standard hard drives that are able to run at the speed of either 5,400 rpm or 7,200 rpm). Pick the slower and cheaper version only if you do not plan to write plenty of data like video recording.
  • Solid-State Drives (SSD): this one possesses no moving parts. It works much speedier and quieter than regular drives. It is another blow to the wallet, thus – something about $900 for the 512 GB SSD!
  • Flash storage: only MacBook Air and Pro with Retina owners may enjoy this option. This type of storage is almost 4 times (!) quicker than a conventional HDD. It is also silent and more credible than HDD. It is also expensive like SSD.

External Display

With iMac, there is no need to pay any attention to this section. Anyway, a display is something that matters to an average computer user. Its size and resolution often predetermine the final buying decision.

The external monitors will suit anyone who wishes to work on a couple or more screens and can store some time flicking back and forth between windows. If you have an extra display, you’re the lucky one as they may cost pretty much. For instance, a company’s native Thunderbolt Display, which is 27 inch in size, comes at almost $1,000! It is better to purchase a display with the speakers, ports, and built-in camera like this one.

Do not hurry up to buy an external display until you check the entire spectrum of built-in display opportunities.

Accessories + After-Sale Support & Maintenance

The last and, really, the least important stage is accessories. Many people hunt the top accessories forgetting about the basics. In fact, most of them are just for fun and visual aesthetics. That is the only case when you CAN, and you SHOULD save some money.

People who plan to buy a laptop should think about getting a good case or sleeve as well as a decent bag to carry the device anywhere. One more thing you will definitely need is a muse. Oh, and do not forget to purchase a keyboard if you are not comfortable with the one you have.